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We started to provide proofreading and guidance services since 2004. We have successfully provided our services to over 2000 clients all around the globe including UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia as well as some European countries.

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What We Do

  • Retina
    Essay Editing
    Conducted by our professionals in order to help you clear the errors and mistakes such as grammar, spelling, structure, referencing and so forth
  • pencils
    Research services will be provided by our qualified academic researchers to deliver high-quality services including dissertation, report, thesis, essay and proposal.
  • clipboard
    Our academic team will make sure the dissertation to be delivered in sound structure, free of simple mistakes, reasonable findings and analysis as well as other issues.
  • book
    We are able to help you check your work against plagiarism in order to make sure the originality of the work. , we can help to revise when there is originality issues.


Check Out Our Sample Essays.

You could find some samples of our work, we are serious about our clients and work.

  • Student paper Essay editing
  • Proofreading Letter
  • Reference editing
  • Proofreading School paper
  • Essay editing Undergraduate essay
  • Proofreading Masters essay


We used to offer quality services in affordable prices.

Our essay proofreading, and editing service are a lot cheaper than most other competitors.

From £5

Turnitin service starts from £5, we only charge £5 for every 1000 words to proofread, should it be essay, thesis or dissertation is up to you.

FROM £30

Proofreading service starts from £30, we need to review your essay requirement and your essay to quote you exactly how much to cost.

FROM £50
Essay Editing

Our referencing and other work start from £50 per essay. Should you need to cite 200 references or more, please contact us for a quote.

FROM £100

Our referencing and other work start from £100 per essay. Should you need to cite 200 references or more, please contact us for a quote.

Frequently asked questions

How will you guarantee the quality ?

Our services are provided by professionals with various backgrounds. We will assign the one who is in the same academic background to conduct your order.


How long will it take to finish my work ?

It depends on your request, we used to be able to meet the client’s request and deadline.


How can I send my request to you ?

You can send your request to our email:, we will get back to you within 8 hours.



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